Important: Although we rent O'Leno to host this event, Riverine Reunion is staffed by organizers who are not affiliated with the park. So, please direct all inquiries for information regarding Riverine Reunion to riverinereunion@gmail.com rather than O'Leno park staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to Riverine Reunion?

Riverine Reunion traditionally takes place in the winter of each new year, which can also be chilly for Florida. Temperatures have ranged from the teens to the 80's in the past. We suggest you pack:

Are kids allowed at Riverine Reunion?

Supervised children can attend Riverine Reunion, but please be aware that while Riverine is family-friendly, the weekend is adult-focused and we do not have any specifically child-oriented activities. Wristbands must be purchased for children over the age of five. Kids aged five and under do not need a wristband.

What is the COVID 19 Protocol for Riverine Reunion?

We will follow whatever contemporary CDC guidance is regarding Covid at the time of the event. Much of our activities weekend take place outdoors in open air. We encourage anyone who is high risk to wear a mask when indoors.

Can I bring my dog to Riverine?

No pets allowed at Riverine Reunion. The park has pretty strict pet policies restricting dogs from access to the part of the park where we hold the event. Please don't get us in trouble by trying to sneak your dog in.

Do I have to buy tickets in advance? Can I get them at the door?

We strongly encourage you to buy tickets in advance on our website. Advance ticket purchases allow us to know how many people to expect, how much food to prepare, etc. Advance tickets guarantee your entry and accommodations even if we sell out at the door. If we reach capacity we will have to turn you away at the door. To encourage you to buy in advance, we raise the ticket price on all tickets the week before the event; tickets at the door will cost $15 more than tickets bought in advance.

How do I check-in?

When you arrive at Oleno State Park, let the park staff at the gate know that you are there for Riverine Reunion. Expect to pay O'leno a $5 vehicle entry fee. 

Please be polite to the rangers, the future of RR depends on our good relationship with them. Don't bother them with questions about tickets and schedules and such, we simply rent the park from them, they are not involved in Riverine planning and will not be able to answer your questions. Email us your questions in advance or ask RR volunteers at the check-in table once you arrive. 

If you arrive after dark, you will need the gate code. You may exit the gate at any time but will need the code to re-enter. We will send the gate code out in an email to all advance ticket buyers on the first day of Riverine. (Another good reason to buy tickets in advance!)

Upon arrival, drive back to the group camping area near the cafeteria and check-in at the lodge to get your wristbands. Volunteers running check-in will point you to your bunkhouse if you purchased accommodations in advance. 

How do I become a performer or workshop instructor at Riverine Reunion?

RR's founders curate the line-up each year and we tend to not have enough space to even fit all the bands we know and love into the schedule each year. That said, it doesn't hurt to send an email to riverinereunion@gmail.com with a description of your band and a link to your music or a video. We love being exposed to new music and we work to prioritize regional and distinctive bands in our line-up. If you aren't able to perform on the stage, there are other opportunities to play throughout the weekend by teaching a music related workshop or jamming around the fire.

If you are interested in teaching a workshop, please email riverinereunion@gmail.com with a title and description of the workshop you'd like to teach along with a brief (1 or 2 sentence) bio that explains your experience with the workshop topic. 

Can I volunteer for free entry?

Heck yeah! Our volunteers are a huge important part of Riverine Reunion. Volunteer work trade also makes it possible for folks from all economic backgrounds to attend, which is important to us. Find volunteer info here.