Important: Although we rent O'Leno to host this event, Riverine Reunion is staffed by organizers who are not affiliated with the park. So, please direct all inquiries for information regarding Riverine Reunion to riverinereunion@gmail.com rather than O'Leno park staff. 


Riverine Reunion is traditionally held at O'leno State Park, 40 minutes northwest of Gainesville in High Springs, Florida.

O'Leno State Park & River Rise, 410 SE Oleno Park Rd, High Springs, FL 32643

Rules & Suggestions

As private renters of the group camp area, organizers have the right to ask anyone to leave our event.

This is an intentionally intimate event with a limited number of wristbands and sleeping space, so be thoughtful about who you invite. 

Respect the park! No littering, fires in firepits only, please observe all the rules of the park.

Pets are not allowed in the festival area.

Bundle up, Floridians! We will be providing loads of seasoned firewood and the cafeteria is heated, but the other buildings are not. Dress warmly and bring more than enough bedding to stay warm. Bunkhouses have no heat or insulation, but they do have electricity. Bring electric blankets, heaters, and party lights to cozy-up your space. 

Check our Facebook page regularly for updates.